Israel kills another militant commander in Gaza as fighting goes on, truce efforts falter

Israel kills another militant commander in Gaza

Israel Kills Another Militant Commander in Gaza as Fighting Goes On, Truce Efforts Falter

Date: May 11, 2023

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Israeli airstrikes on Thursday killed a fourth militant commander in Gaza, bringing the total death toll from the recent fighting to 25. As a result, Israel is preparing for more rocket attacks while reports suggest that Egyptian efforts to negotiate a cease-fire are struggling.

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gazahas escalated, resulting in the loss of lives, including women and children. This surge in violence occurs amidst heightened tensions and increased violence in the occupied West Bank over the past year.

Early Thursday morning, the Israeli military carried out strikes targeting the Islamic Jihad militant group. They confirmed the death of Ali, a senior commander responsible for the group’s rocket launching force, when his apartment was hit. The strike also killed two other militants, although their affiliations remain unclaimed. The military emphasized the precision of the operation, aiming to disrupt the Islamic Jihad’s rocket capabilities.

According to Palestinian media, the strikes hit the top floor of a residential building in southern Gaza, a complex constructed with Qatari aid. At least two people, including the commander, were killed in the attack. The Gaza Health Ministry reported a total of 25 fatalities since the outbreak of fighting.

Islamic Jihad stated that Ghali was a commander of their rocket squad and a member of their decision-making body. The group insists on a cease-fire only if Israel stops targeted killings of its fighters.

Despite a state-run Egyptian TV station announcing a cease-fire brokered by Egypt after intense fighting on Wednesday, the violence continued into Thursday morning, indicating a lack of willingness to back down from either side.

The Israeli military claims to have targeted militants with precision strikes in approximately 150 locations. However, the strikes have also resulted in the deaths of children, including a 4-year-old. A quarter of the rockets fired during this round of fighting fell within Gaza, killing at least four people, including a 10-year-old girl, two 16-year-olds, and a 51-year-old man.

During a televised address on Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that Israel had dealt a severe blow to the militants. However, he cautioned that the conflict was not yet over. Netanyahu sent a message to the terrorists and their supporters, stating that Israel would continue to identify and strike them when necessary, and that Israel alone would determine when calm is restored.

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